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Amplestuff is a unique company which was established in 1988 to serve the special needs of the millions of men and women who are plus or supersize. Some of our products are plus-sized versions of items that are readily available to average size people—such as our fanny packs, socks, or hospital gowns. Other products—such as airline seatbelt extenders and size-positive books and videos—are designed especially to solve the unique problems of larger people. We believe that no matter what your size, you deserve the best possible life right now. In fact, our company motto is “Make your world fit you!”

Simply click the name of the category of the product that you are looking for, and after finding the item, click the "Add" button. When you have finished shopping, proceed to the secure checkout. Or, if you prefer to call in your order the old-fashioned way to a live person in our US-based customer service, just use this website as a catalog, and call us with your order. You can also fax us your order using the downloadable order form. See "Contact Us" for information on the best times and numbers to call, or to print out an order form for faxing purposes.


30th Anniversary Sale - 10% off all merchandise!

For the rest of April, 2017, we are dropping our published website catalog prices by 10%, in celebration of our 30th anniversary of April, 1987, the month we began planning for Amplestuff. The prices you see already have the 10% deducted.

Going back to 1987, I and my late wife, Nancy Summer, had the bright idea for this company.  We sat down and made a list of about 70 items that we thought would make the lives of larger people easier. Most of those items either didn't exist, or weren't available anywhere for retail sale. Nancy came up with the name "Amplestuff" and our first printed catalog came out on Jan. 1, 1988.

Since we were both plus-size people ourselves, we went ahead with the project. Allthough Nancy passed away last year, she (and I) lived long enough to see other companies start plus-size retailing (other than clothes), the Internet and world-wide web was invented, and our website came into being.

Since then, online retailing has exploded, nearly half of our new orders come from hand-held devices like phones and tablets. We have reached a crossroads--do we attempt to compete on the basis of price alone, or is it smarter to offer better customer service, a caring staff, and be more agile on introducing new products that can help the larger person?  We have chosen the latter, which has been our goal all along, for the last 30 years. It won't make us the biggest company on the web, but with your help, we'll continue to stay in business, looking for newer and better ways to deal with the problems of being large in a world that has been designed only with the average size person in mind.

—Bill Fabrey

Our policy about customers outside the United States: We ship worldwide, and welcome all customers! Now and then, we have had reports from Canadian or Australian customers that they attempted to place an order, but in the checkout process, were informed by our merchant card processor robotically that we do not ship to their area.  We don't know yet how this happens. If it happens to you, please email us at, and we will get back to you with other ways to order.

Our policy about imports: We prefer to offer goods made in the USA and Canada whenever possible, and we identify those items in our catalog.

Our policy about privacy: We do not sell, rent, or trade our mailing list information to anyone for any purpose. We keep no active records of credit cards in our own database. We do not track which pages you click on, and do not sell or trade any information about such clicks, nor do we use services that want to sell us information about customers' searching or buying habits. You will never see an ad for Amplestuff pop up because you searched for plus-size clothes or diet information, for example!

Our policy about large models: We primarily use large models in our catalog when appropriate. We wish that the big companies that sell plus-sized clothes would show them on genuinely plus-size people.

Our policy about customer service: We have 100% US-based customer service, and we monitor customer messages on a daily basis.

This website is suitable for people of all ages.

This site last updated on April 10, 2017


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