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Longer Airline Seatbelt Extenders

Price: From $99.50 to $199.00

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Extender shown is the Style “A”, known in the industry as having a “teardrop” buckle, due to the slight curvature on two of the four sides of the female buckle. It is the most commonly used.

Not shown is the Style “C” that looks similar, except that the female buckle appears totally square.

Despite the fact that airlines make seatbelt extenders available on flights, some larger passengers just want to bring their own, so they don’t have to request one, or run the risk that the airline did not bring enough for all the larger passengers. If you’re one of those people, here they are: FAA-approved* extenders, made in USA.

These extenders are 6 inches longer than most, and are adjustable from 2 to 30 inches. (Everyone else's extenders, including those used by the airlines themselves, go up to a maximum of 24 inches.)

The advantages are that some of our customers need that extra length, and if a flight attendant ever challenges you as to who owns the extender, you can show them that yours is longer than theirs!

Style “A” fits about 85% of commercial planes in the air, especially large jets made by Boeing or Airbus. Style “C” fits most of the rest. If your journey includes big jets, and some smaller planes for the “short hop” flights to get you to a regional terminal, the chances are 50-50 that you will encounter the Style “C” on those smaller planes. Style “A” is usually the one to get if you are only going to get one extender.

We’re offering them singly, or in a pair, which saves $20. But note: You may not know which style you'll need in advance, so if you want to be absolutely, positively sure you have one that fits, we suggest buying the pair.

Note: Neither belt works on Southwest, Lufthansa or Qantas airlines, or in small private aircraft such as Beechcraft or Cessna.

A Note about Auto Seatbelt Extenders

These airline extenders do not work in cars or trucks. Seatbelt extenders for vehicles of the type that are easily removed and transferred from car to car, are usually available from the parts departments of dealerships who carry your make of car. Extenders are available for most Ford, GM, or Chrysler products, and Toyota, but not Honda. At most dealers, only the parts department knows about them — not the auto sales staff, and not the service department. For further information, including many other makes and models, as well as other extender solutions, check the website

*A copy of the FAA Airworthiness Approval Tag (form 8130-3) is available upon request; however, you will not be asked to show this on any flight.


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