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Easy Reach for Cleansing Sensitive Areas

This is the product that got Amplestuff started in 1988: A sponge-on-a-handle that changed showering and other cleanup from a difficult experience into the pleasurable, effective one it should be. Nancy Summer, an Amplestuff co-founder, says, "I was upset when I realized that I couldn't reach every part of my body, but we did some research and found the Ample-Sponge. We also learned that many people of all sizes have reach problems, and that it's nothing to be embarrassed about. You just need the right tools."

The Ample-Sponge is a soft sponge on a firm handle that extends your reach in the bath or shower. It's also a great "travel" item for people who want to freshen up while out of the house, or who have reach problems when using the toilet (when a bidet isn't available).

The Ample-Sponge refills come in the colors BLUE and YELLOW. The blue sponge material is a little softer to the touch, and has a smaller cell size, while the yellow is a little coarser to the touch. Normally, when we ship the starter kit, we include one head of each color. What you will prefer is entirely a matter of personal choice.

If you order refills in one of the colors, but would like to try one in the other color, or a different size, please do the following: When you check out, please type the following in the customer comment field: "Please substitute a yellow sponge for one of the blue" or "Please substitute a blue sponge for one of the yellow." Or, "Please substitute a narrow sponge for one of the standard size." (And so forth ...) There is no charge for this option.

Exception: The new extra-narrow sponge is more expensive (it costs more to make) and must be ordered separately, in bags of two.

The Ample-Sponge consists of a 5/8 inch diameter PVC handle and replaceable, screw-in sponge heads. You can re-use the handle and just reorder new sponge heads as you need them. Longer and shorter handles are available. We also make compact two-part and three-part handles that unscrew and fit into smaller bags when traveling. Hand-made in USA by craftspeople in Woodstock, NY. Includes instructions.

Photo illustrates the three widths of the Ample-Sponge refills. The sponge material shown is blue, but refills are also made in yellow. The new Extra-Narrow width is shown on the right.

Some notes about using the Ample-Sponge

Ample-Sponges are washable. With proper care, in daily use a sponge can last from one month to a year, depending on individual usage, the type of soap, and the water supply. Water supplies that are alkaline (rather than acidic) can degrade the sponge faster than a Ph. neutral water supply.

People use the Ample-Sponge for bathing, as a lotion applicator, or as an aid in cleanup after toileting. Some customers like to wrap a baby wipe around a narrow head and use it as a disposable wiper-on-a-stick.

Product Details

Ample-Sponge Starter Kit – Includes one 10" handle plus two sponge heads (one standard width blue and one narrow width yellow)

Order the following refills separately when you already have a handle, or you are ordering new handles.

Ample-Sponge Standard Head Refills – Refill sponge heads of the standard width. Order quantities of 2 or 6, in colors BLUE or YELLOW.

Ample-Sponge Narrow Head Refills – Refill sponges about 25% narrower than standard sponge heads. Order quantities of 2 or 6, in colors BLUE or YELLOW.

Ample-Sponge Extra-Narrow Head Refills – Refill sponges about 50% narrower than standard sponge heads. Order quantities of 2 in colors BLUE or YELLOW.

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