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Regardless of how plus-sized your waist might be, you can wear our fanny packs, which will comfortably fit any waist size. Our unique use of elastic in the extender belt makes our packs comfortable whether you're standing or sitting down.

Sometimes wearing a fanny pack is just the ticket. Tourists want to keep their hands free for luggage or for enjoying the day in an amusement park. Trouble is, most fanny packs are not made for large-size people--and those that are, are still limited in what size waist they will accomodate!

This pack has a casual canvas look, although it’s made of nylon. Measuring 5½ high x 11½ wide (and up to 4½ deep at the pleated bottom) the pack is big enough to hold most everything you need for a day’s outing. It has 3 zippered pockets outside, plus a front pocket for a small cell phone or other items and a top pocket for sunglasses, a larger smartphone, or whatever.

The belt comes fitted with our exclusive elastic extender of the proper length and can be made to fit any waist size. When you order, please select the right size range to fit your waist, just above your hips, wherever you will be wearing your fanny pack. (The actual size is adjustable a few inches outside the ranges listed in the choices.) The belt and extender is black, regardless of the color of the fanny pack.

This pack is suitable for women and men. Extender made in USA. For several years, the pack was available in various colors, but currently it is only available in charcoal gray, which is a medium gray. Unfortunately, the most recently available colors, black, navy blue, and royal blue, will not be available for a few months.

Fanny pack shown is of the color, Royal Blue
Note: This color is not currently available.

If you aren't sure of your waist measurement:

Ordering the right fanny pack belt size depends upon knowing your approximate waist measurement. If you exceed the standard dressmaker's tape measure of 60" or if you don't have such a tape measure, and if you don't have the 96 inch / 244 cm tape measure we sell, you can still get your waist measurement using a long string or ribbon tied around your waist, taken off, and measured with a yardstick, ruler, or carpenter's tape measure.


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