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Portable Folding Chairs

Price: From $119.50 to $149.50
This item can only be shipped by UPS or Fedex ground.

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Chair Model:

Luxury Lawn-Style Chair.  Wine red color shown is not currently available.  This chair can be ordered in black, or navy blue.

Model relaxes in black version of the Luxury Chair

Model shows advantage of having drink holder on a hot day ...

Luxury Chair shown in its carry bag. Note that the color shown, wine red, is not currently available.

Luxury Lawn-Style Chair

The new Luxury Lawn-Style Chair is one of the most comfortable folding chairs you will ever sit in! This chair is built stronger than most with its extra wide 1 ½” Aluminum Reinforced Frame and Double Layered 600D Polyester Fabric. It took the manufacturer years of research to perfect the innovative design and construction. The weight limit is 375 lbs. The high back provides extra upper and lower back support. It has a convenient attached drink holder, and comes with a carry bag with straps. The seat and seat back both tilt back slightly (like a lawn-style chair), compared with a director's style chair, which has a horizontal seat and straight up-and-down seat back. (The tilt is not adjustable.)

Open size dimensions: 37” H x 21” W x 17” D Ground to seat height: 15” H Width between arms: About 21" Weight of Chair: About 9 lbs.

Colors include black or navy blue.  Wine red is not currently available.

Director's Style Chairs

These sturdy aluminum chairs measure about 20 ½ inches wide between armrests. The seat depths are 17 inches, and there is some additional "butt space" behind that. The chair comes in two heights, but the shorter one is not currently available.  We are aware that many customers would prefer the shorter model; for now, the only shorter chairs that we can ship are the deluxe lawn-style chairs described in the sections above.

The chair that is currently available is a special TALL model, for use by salespersons at flea markets and trade shows, or by police officers, who want to be seated closer to the eye level of the people walking by, and who wish to get on or off the chair more quickly, since they will be close to a standing position when getting off of the chair. There is a crossbar in front for use as a footrest, with a 4 inch adjustability in height. The seat height of the TALL chair is 29 inches, with about a one inch give (or sag) when you sit on it. and it is weight rated at 350 lbs. (In law enforcement, the wide width between armrests may be helpful for those wearing sidearms.) Important: Please do not order this chair unless you specifically want the height as described. Not for persons who are very short, or not agile enough to get on and off the chair safely.  The color of the TALL model is black.

The seat height of the shorter chair (not currently available) is 17 inches, with about a one inch give (or sag) when you sit on it.  It is weight-rated at 400 lbs.

Both chairs fold flat for easy carrying and storage. The seats and seat backs are made of cordura nylon. Both models have a side storage bag, and a side table with cup holder, as shown in the photo. Please see the chart below.

Both chairs have a dual- pocket side storage bag and a side table with cup holder.
The special TALL model has an adjustable footrest.

A model enjoys sitting in one of our previous director's chairs, which was similar in many respects to the 17 inch black chair, which has several features the old one didn't have, including the side table, the side storage bag, and a higher weight limit. (However, this chair is backordered for the next few months.)


Lawn Style

Director's Style

Director's Style (TALL)

Colors Available

Black, Navy Blue



Seat Height from Floor

15 in.

17 in.

29 in.





Side Storage Bag?




Side Table?




Weight of Chair

9 lbs.

10 lbs.

12 lbs.

Dimensions when folded

9 x 7 x 46

6 x 23 x 32

4 x 24 x 46

Carry Case Included?




Weight Rating

375 lbs.

400 lbs.

350 lbs.







Not currently available


The approximate width between arms for all of these chairs is about 21 inches.

It's urgent that you measure your minimum seat width between armrests, before ordering these chairs. Here are two good methods:

1. If you have an armchair that is barely big enough for you to sit in, and you snugly fit between the armrests, then measure that width with a tape measure or yardstick. If the chair is a bit larger than you need, then measure the extra space with the tape measure while sitting in it, and then subtract that number from the width of the chair between arms. (Example: Your test chair is 24" between arms. You have 4 inches to spare when you sit in it. You therefore need 24 - 4 = 20 inches between arms, and you can probably fit comfortably in one of our chairs.)

2. If you don't have such a test chair, you can sit down on a sofa or the edge of your bed, and place two heavy books, one on each side of you, touching your hips. Then get off the bed or sofa without moving the books, and measure the width between them with a tape measure or yardstick.

Who shouldn't order a Portable Folding Chair?

If you require more than about 20 ½ inches between armrests, you may not be able to sit in these chairs comfortably, or at all. If you weigh more than 350 lbs or 400 lbs, depending on the model, perhaps you should not order this chair. The manufacturer tells us that the chair will probably support persons heavier than the weight limit, especially if sat on carefully, on level ground, but for legal reasons they will not commit to higher weight limits at this time. After all, they have no control over the actual weight of who sits on the chairs, or the manner in which they are used. Therefore, if you weigh more than the weight limit, you need to sit in them at your own risk.

If you would like to be automatically notified when and if we carry portable folding chairs that are wider than about 20 ½ inches between arms, or with a weight rating greater than 350 or 400 lbs, please send an email to and type in the subject line "wider/heavier chairs".


How fast can I get a chair?
For orders within the USA, we normally ship these chairs by UPS or Fedex ground, within 24-48 hours of when the order is received. By ground, the chair takes between 1-5 days. We ship the chairs from a warehouse in California.

Is there a faster method?
Although the chair does not weigh very much, the size of the carton combined with airline fuel surcharges makes it prohibitively expensive to ship by priority mail or via air, either overnight or 2-day service. Additional charges of $50-$150 or more are possible, depending on where you live. If you must have a chair the fastest way possible, please call and/or email us to discuss the best shipping options and their cost.

What if I live outside the USA?
Please contact us for shipping cost estimates. All of our merchandise to addresses outside the USA, including Canada and Mexico, go via air, so it is extremely expensive to ship chairs. Shipment of chairs to Canada via UPS ground is possible, but the customs brokerage fees again make it impossibly expensive.


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