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(April, 2015)

Dear Customer:

We try to highlight in "What's New" any new products or categories that have recently been added or changed in our lineup of items. Our goal is to make it possible for you to check this site for product changes, without having to browse the whole site each time.

We are more likely to add new products than to drop old ones. There is nothing more frustrating than to find a product that meets your needs only to have it disappear after a few months! We have been carrying some of our products for 28 years!

We have been emailing a monthly newsletter to those customers who have an email address. If you have ordered online in the past, you should be receiving the newsletter automatically, unless you unsubscribed, which is a very easy process. The newsletter may contain a monthly promotion and discount coupon code. If you would like to see the current such mailing, please click here.

Regarding the Hygiene Booklet: This popular item has been delayed by the publisher for a long time (it is being revised), but we hope to ship backorders this year. Because of this long delay, we have temporarily withdrawn it as an item that can be put in your shopping cart. Meanwhile, customers can go to an article online that was written by the same author, Nancy Summer. Containing some of the information that is in the booklet, the article was written in 1999 and appeared in Radiance Magazine for large women. If you would like to read it, please go to:

If this address is not "clickable" from this page, you can copy and paste it into your browser.

Our Printed Catalog — an update: I am sorry to tell you that we do not currently have a printed catalog, nor will we have one in the near future. We apologize for this – over the last several years, costs for designing and updating, printing and mailing paper catalogs have skyrocketed, and the number of customers with no web access has diminished. Many of the online orders we receive these days are from customers using smartphones or notebook computers, and all of our products are shown on

We made this decision reluctantly, because in the period of 1988 (before the web was invented) until 2005, we always had a printed catalog. We also know that there are deserving folks who need some of our products who for a long list of reasons, have no access to a computer or to the Internet. Sadly, the costs related to a printed catalog in low quantity are not covered by the relatively low sales generated that way. Since we are a small business, we cannot afford to cover that loss. (Large businesses print and mail in very high quantity, which reduces the cost per catalog to a much lower number.)

Also, products and prices can changes so fast in the age of the Internet, that printed catalogs are obsolete almost the same day you mail them.

Some people ask, why can’t we just print out our web pages and send them to anyone who asks? The simple answer is: Few web pages can be set up with printing in mind. There are things called “pull-down” menus and links that don’t translate to the printed page.

This does not mean that you have to place an order online. Some customers browse the products on our website, and then call to place a phone order . . . and we will answer any questions you might have about specific products if you will call us.

New or Revised Products

The Original Superhanger: (product link) Black and also white Superhangers are being made again, but we haven't received them yet. We hope to have them by September.

Hand-Held Shower Sprays: (product link) There are now two different models – a basic one, and a deluxe one. Neither are wimpy (even at low water pressure) or are too big to use easily to get into tight places, or have massage settings that don't seem to be that great in getting you clean . . .

Hospital/Exam Gowns: (product link) Recently, the size 3X and the size 10X gowns in the snap sleeve version have been offered with a special telemetry pocket, more frequently used by hospitals these days. The feature costs a bit more, but you never know when it will be needed!

Special Ample-Sponge Handles: (product link) We keep adding to the roster of handles, including extenders and extra-long three-part handles, for example. Now in development: Curved handles, and handles with foam-covered non-slip handles. We'll announce them when they're ready.

New or Revised Policies

Contacting the Amplestuff Office: We monitor emails and phone messages nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But live customer service (100% US-based) is available: Office hours are 12 noon through 12 midnight, Monday through Friday, Eastern time in the U.S. But as always, we are happy to return calls at the times and to the phone numbers that you leave us in a message at any hour.


Bill Fabrey
Proprietor, Amplestuff
Hours of Operation: M-F, Noon through midnight, eastern time (US)
Toll free (US or Canada): 866-486-1655
Phone: 845-679-3316
Fax: 845-679-1206

"Helping Make Your World Fit You — Since 1988"


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